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Marine Salvage Yards and Services

Marine salvage is the act of rescuing a ship and possibly its crew members from danger on the open water. It can sometimes include towing a ship to safety, repairing a vessel, and returning the vessel to the water after rescue and repair. Some of the tools used in marine salvage include cranes to lift the ship, floating docks to anchor the salvaged ships, and a crew of divers to help retrieve the ships and any parts that make have broken off. Sometimes, the entire objective of the marine salvage expedition is simply to remove the vessel from the water before it can harm the environment.

There are three main types of marine salvage: Contract, pure, and naval salvage. Contract salvage is where a contract price is set ahead of time and the amount is paid whether or not the salvage is successful. Pure salvage occurs when a boat is rescued without any prior contract or agreement between the salvor and the ship's owner. Naval salvage refers to any vessel that is saved by the Naval Forces' rescue services. These are usually limited to situations where a ship or its crew are in peril and not a routine marine salvage for parts.

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