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What Exactly Is a Salvage Yard?

Have you heard of the term salvage yard, but didn’t exactly know what it meant? You probably aren’t alone, because it is a new term coined only during the last decade or so by the majority of people. What a salvage yard is, is a place where old vehicles, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles and old trucks are laid to rest. Sound familiar? It is, because it used to be called a junkyard. Instead of calling it junk, it now has a nicer, more politically correct name of salvage yard. Since there were so many pieces of good cars and vehicles available, salvage sounded much more user friendly than junk. Even though the function of the place never changed, just the title of them did.

Utilizing Salvage Yards

There are a few different ways a person can utilize a salvage yard. One is when you have an older vehicle or a vehicle that needs repair. Do you refuse to pay full price for a part that shouldn’t cost that much to begin with? You can try out the salvage yard and see if they have it in stock and how much less it will cost you with them. And you can use salvage yards for new vehicles too. Cars that are in accidents and not fixable, according to the insurance companies, might still have great pieces to them which can be used. Call around and see who might have your make and model of car on their lot, whether it is an old one or a new one. What Is a Salvage Yard?

Other Salvage Yard Uses

Are you a person who drives around a vintage vehicle? Those vehicles can break down often and when they do, you will need to have access to a place that sells those parts. Chances are, the local car dealership isn’t going to have them. They usually only carry parts for recent models. Even if your car is the manufacturer’s type that you service, they probably won’t have it if it is over five years old. They might have an alternative, but chances are you might need to go looking elsewhere to find the part on your own.

Who should you call? Salvage yards will keep an inventory of all the cars on their lots. They keep track of the year of the car, the make and the model so they know exactly what part types were on a car. They also keep track of the condition it is in, as if it is running, semi-running or still in running order but needs a little cleaning or polishing.

Other parts that people might need but don’t think of when it comes to salvage yards is interiors of the cars. Do you need seatbelts? Seatbelt covers? Interior fans? Pieces to those fans? Cars might not be running or the engine might be blown, but there are a lot of pieces from the inside that can be used on similar cars or even different cars all together.

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