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Different Vehicle Categories in Salvage Yards

Most salvage yards do not simply consist of heaps of twisted metal and scrap piles that are barely recognizable has former vehicles. In fact, many salvage yards have a wide variety of vehicles of all states of disrepair or decay, and these same salvage yards usually have an efficient organizational system for the cars on their lots. Different salvaged cards are assigned different categories depending on the extent of their damage and the parts that are available for resale.

Category A Vehicles
Vehicles with a salvage category A are the typically imagined piles of rubbish and scrap metal that are barely identifiable as automobiles. These cars usually have very few, if any, workable parts and are usually sold as scrap and melted down or discarded entirely. There is very little profit to be had from a Category A vehicle.

Category B Vehicles

Category B automobiles are still damaged beyond repair, but they may include a few basic parts that can be resold or repaired. Many consumers purchase parts from category B vehicles because they are less expensive, but you have to get pretty lucky to find a category B vehicle with the exact part that you can use.

Category C Vehicles

Category C vehicles are the lowest category of vehicles that can be repaired enough so that they can be safely driven once again. However, category C vehicles are often considered to be money drains for consumers who have no expertise in repairing and restoring cars. These cars require such extensive repairs that the cost of repairing them is often more than the final value of the car. Unless you plan on tinkering with the car yourself over a long period of time, most salvage yard operators do not suggest that consumers purchase category C vehicles. This ambitious project usually gets scrapped in a few years when consumers realize that repairing the vehicle requires too much work.The Different Salvage Yard Vehicle Categories

Category D Vehicles

Category D vehicles are fairly easy to restore and may only have minimal damage. These cars can be restored professional for less than they will eventually be worth. This means that consumers can purchase Category D automobiles, restore them and resell them for a profit. Finding the right Category D vehicle may be a little tricky, and consumers may have to search for awhile before they find the vehicle that they are looking for, but investing in a Category D salvage yard car can be a great project.

Category X Vehicles

Category X vehicles are extremely rare, but are nevertheless an excellent find at a salvage yard. These cars are vehicles that are either stolen and never claimed or repossessed and purchased by salvage yard owners. Most category X vehicles have no apparent body damage or internal damage, and some can even be driven directly off the lot. These automobiles will, of course, cost a great deal more than Category D vehicles, but the category X vehicles are nevertheless a great value for a frugal consumer.

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