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Pros and Cons of Using A Salvage Yard

When you are told to check out a salvage yard for a situation you are dealing with with your vehicle, you might not get it at first. What are the benefits of going to a junkyard to get a part? If it is in the junkyard, it is obviously junk, right? Not so much. There are a lot of reasons why a junkyard might be the best place to go for getting parts on any type of vehicle. The vehicle could be very old, the part could be way more expensive brand new or else it is a vehicle that isn’t serviced by dealers and you have to do it yourself. No matter what reason you have for trying a salvage yard for parts, there are pros and cons in every scenario.

The Benefits of Used Parts

The first and most obvious benefit to getting a part from salvage yards in the price. It is certainly going to cost less since you aren’t buying it brand new. The part might be running fine it was just deposited in the junkyard because the rest of the vehicle quit running. The salvage yard staff will be able to tell you if a part is in working condition or not.

When you can use a local salvage yard for parts, you won’t have to go online and look for parts. This is especially helpful for people who have classic cars, vintage cars or like to customize any aged car. Getting the part from a salvage yard will not only cost less, but then there isn’t any shipping charges to pay for either. There is your time for making a phone call, but then you won’t have to waste time and gas if they don’t have it in stock. The Pros and Cons of Using Salvage Yards

The Cons of Used Parts from a Salvage Yard

Even if you like to get a good, there might be a few cons with getting parts at salvage yards. The staff at the salvage yard might think the part is in working order, but then when you get it home and installed on your car, it doesn’t work. When that happens, most times you can return the part and get a new one that does work. If they don’t have any more, then they will most likely return your money or else help you find a part that will work in its place. Salvage yards work with each other when they don’t have parts, so they might be willing to cut you a deal since you have had the inconvenience of waiting for the part to begin with.

Lastly, another con with salvage yards is they might not always have the part when you need it. Sure, they can work with other salvage yards in the area, but if no one has the part because it is rare, then you might still have to wait or pay for shipping from a far away salvage yard who does have the part.

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